The Abs Tour

Topics: Broadcasting, Audience, TV Patrol World Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Adrian Gonda BACMS-2A I was amazed on how I now percept media industry after we went to ABS-CBN for a studio tour which aims to educate us all about the ground that some of us would take in the future. The tour started with a short introduction about the network ABS-CBN, a video clip was played showing its achievements as being one of the first successful networks in Asia. We are all guided to different studios used in shows. One of those was Studio 10, as our tour-guide said this studio was definitely the largest studio in ABS. It was also the studio where “ASAP 2012,” a musical show every Sunday and “Maalala mo kaya,” was aired. It was expounded that the reason why there are many different kinds of Lights in a studio is to contribute effects and texture to a show as it was viewed by the public on their Televisions screens so we can’t deny the fact that these are essentially a part in order for a show to run successfully. We are also brought to studio 7 where news shows like “TV Patrol,” “Bandila,” and “News Patrol,” was aired. The studio was pretty small for the reason that these shows are not necessarily to be joined by audiences but despite of that, this studio has more complete equipments and facilities compared to others and take note they also have a human-sized ipad which they use for making stimulating reports. And last but not the least as the part of our expedition we are made as the audience of the live airing of the show “Showbiz Inside Report.” I’ve learned a lot from the tour conducted, first media is not that an easy work because you need to sacrifice time and effort, even though these can be hindrances for your early success but also in these field you can only develop yourself to the maximum for improvements that can be used as edge in future.
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