The Abortion Case Roe vs Wade

Topics: Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court of the United States, Abortion Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: August 27, 2013
The Abortion Case: Roe vs. Wade

Roe vs. Wade is one of the most controversial cases in U.S. history. The historic decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 legalized abortion on a federal level. Now more than thirty years later people all over the country are trying to overturn the decision as well as striving to keep it intact.

The Abortion Case: Roe vs. Wade
A Texas law that made abortion a crime except when in the case of saving the mothers life was overruled by the United States Supreme Court on January 22, 1973 . In 1970, abortion was illegal for women who live in many of the states of the U.S. until a woman by the name of Norma McCorvey also known as Jane Roe decided it was time to make a change. McCorvey was a resident of the State of Texas, and strongly believed that abortion went against the Fourteen Amendment and a women’s right to choose whether she would like to terminate her pregnancy.

Norma McCorvey had found herself pregnant in the summer of 1969. She was poor and had just lost her job selling tickets for a traveling carnival. At the time, Norma was 21 years of age and divorced. Her parents were raising her five year old daughter and McCorvey wanted to terminate her pregnancy. Texas law had prohibited abortion except in the case of saving the mother’s life. Norma McCorvey tried to find a doctor that would perform an illegal abortion but she was unsuccessful. McCorvey was poor and could not afford to travel to another state where the abortion laws would be less strict. Just as she was losing hope she met Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee- two attorneys who wanted to change the laws of abortion.

Texas Abortion Laws
Texas passed its anti-abortion law in 1859. The law only punished the person/or persons performing or furnishing the means for an abortion. Even though the law did not punish the woman who was asking for an abortion it punished anyone who took part in the abortion procedure except for...

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