The ability of students in the areas of literacy and numeracy have declined in recent times

Topics: Education, Learning, Student Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Many people believe that the ability of students in the areas of literacy and numeracy have declined in recent times. Discuss the causes of this problem and offers some possible solutions to it.

Imagine a reading and writing contest or numeracy complete without any electronic equipment between current students and the same age ones who travel through time from 15 years ago, and guess which side will win? Many presents and educators will choose students come from many years ago, even the current students are receiving much more advanced education. So the question is why the literacy and numeracy ability of students goes down in these years and how to solve this problem. In the following essay, I will give my views from individuality, education, and modern environment. From a student viewpoint, each of them has a variety of entertainments to have fun, such as playing computer games, karaoke, watching films, enjoying many kinds of sports, going shopping and so on, so sitting before the desk to read books or practice numeracy will be a definitely dull work. No one will pay attention on the thing which shows no interest in him. Therefore, parents and educators should arouse teenagers interest in studying literacy and numeracy by some talent skills, for example, sharing feeling of reading some book, performing the dialogue in the book with their partners, and calculate some real problem in society. In today’s modern world, society is producing more and more challenge to education system. On the one hand, public education need to provide much more subjects to current student in order to fulfill the requirements of modern society, which means less time and spirit can be spent on traditional subject like literacy and numeracy. On the other hand, the teachers of previous generations were able to maintain order through the use of corporal punishment; such methods are no longer permitted. The lack of discipline will make teacher powerless to control unruly student, which...
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