The Ability of Homeschooling to Provide a Good Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Socialization Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: November 5, 2008
The Ability of Homeschooling to Provide a Good Education
Each year more than a million children are homeschooled in the United States, and that number is steadily growing. While some parents believe homeschooling is an ideal situation, others fear that a student's education can be severely hindered in such an environment. Today’s world is ever so demanding and many parents do not have the required skills needed to teach. Homeschooling does not provide an adequate education.

One main disadvantage of homeschooling is the lack of socialization by your children. Not being able to learn with friends, and not being able to socialize with other kids of the same age could lead to some developmental problems. An inability to socialize well, a shyness that comes from not being around other children, and a tendency to work better as an individual, rather than in a team are just a couple small things associated with homeschooling. These are of course things that could be reversed through time and effort. By being involved in other activities such as cub scouts or sports and by living in a neighborhood with other children that can be socialized with in free time, or by having family (siblings, or cousins) that attend the public system, the social skills can rub off on kids that are homeschooled. I think that it is important for all kids to have an open environment to interact with kids their own age, and if not in school, then there should be another source.

The other disadvantage to being homeschooled, is that resources are not as extensive as

they are in a public/private school setting. Schools have better books, and the teachers will more

than likely have a better education than a parent does. Most parents do not have the extensive

training and knowledge required to teach a student. The parent must be willing to do the research

if a question can't be answered on the spot, which could actually turn into an advantage

if the parent is willing to go...
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