The 4 P, S of Hooters

Topics: Hooters, Restaurant, Buffalo wings Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: April 4, 2008
The 4 P’S of Hooters

The first Hooters opened April 1st, 1983 in Clearwater, Florida. Six fun-loving businessmen with roots in the Midwest and with no experience in the foodservice business were opening doors to a restaurant with an owl logo, chicken wings as the featured item, and girls in orange shorts. Hooters is running at full speed with restaurants opening throughout the Sunbelt, the Rockies, the Eastern Seaboard, the beautiful Canadian country with expansion plans for the entire U.S. and more international markets.

In term of Products, Hooters offer a great variety of products on its menu. Such as seafood, sandwiches, salad, and spicy chicken wings. Besides these products Hooters get 23% of its profit from brewers such as Budweiser, Corona, Bud light, etc. As a unique restaurant Hooters is also very competitive with its prices. Let say for example, the beers and the food at Hooters are a the same price as other restaurants in the country, with the difference that in Hooters the food has other taste since is served by beautiful women who are wearing sexy clothes that attract the customers attention. This subtly sex appeal use by women at Hooter plus the service they provide to its customers make the prices of its products look insignificant with regard to other restaurants that does not have Hooter style. Like any other restaurant that has a trend of success, Hooters also provide a great scale of Promotion to its employees. The positions range from vice president to waitress. It all depends on the knowledge and training that the girls might have to get a high or low position at Hooters. Hooters characterize itself as a neighborhood place, not a typical family restaurant. Sixty-eight percent of Hooters customers are males, most between the ages of 25-54. Hooters do not market itself to families, but they do patronize the restaurants. Ten percent of the parties served by Hooters have children in there. It is for this reason that they are...
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