The 300 Kid

Topics: Foster care, Family, Robbery Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: May 15, 2006
The 300 Kid
The phrase "300 kid" might be very foreign to you and everybody around you. In contrast in the halls of a Juvenile court it's a phrase that is heard to often."How could you blame him, he was a 300 kid". A "300 Kid" is one of those unintentionally dehumanizing verbal short hands so common in the juvenile system. So what is a "300 Kid" it's a synonym for a foster child, dependent child, a beaten, battered, and abused child. In the juvenile system young reoffending offenders are looked at as delinquents and should be locked up and thrown away the key. When in reality what we should do is examine there childhood and figure out at what point did things start going array. We should ask our self these questions? Was he abused? What kind of family did he get brought up with? Drug dealers? Law-abiding parents? These are just few of many questions that one judge or Probation Officer should ask himself before rendering that immense sentence "Transfer him to adult court."

George Trevino was what the state made him under the juvenile Court's guidance and protection- as a victim, not a victimizer- a bright, law- abiding A student with a love to write poetry. For years he was entrusted to neglectful, drug-addicted guardians. He was allowed to roam the streets, to experiment with drugs, to drop out of school-all while under the supervision of the state. He then was transformed from a child in danger to a dangerous child. He himself said " I always wondered what it was that I had done wrong","but no one would ever tell me". He is what many of our youth is going threw. He grew up with no positive role models, no parents, nobody to tell him "No thats not good, don't do that", and nobody to tell him "Your doing a good job son". His mother was a gun shooting felon that served years in prison and eventually died in the penitentiary, and his father he never knew him he died of drug overdose before George turned two. And on Christmas Day, George's sister was...
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