The 1988 Gin Dbq

Topics: Gin Act 1751, William Hogarth, Gin Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: January 7, 2010
The 1988 Gin DBQ

During the mid to late 18th century, England went through many difficult times one of which revolved about the English Parliaments decision to pass the Gin Act of 1751 that restricted the sale of gin. This act did this in three ways, first by not letting distillers sell to unlicensed merchants, second by restricting the retailers by only those with a significant amount of land sell gin, and thirdly by charging high fees to all those still able to sell gin. This reasonable decision about the restriction on gin was the philosophy of many who choose to side either for or against the sale of gin based on either their back round or experiences. This way of how the people chose sides was very realistic because everyone had a different familiarity with gin so their decision on whether being for or against the gin act will reflect their own personal experiences.

To the people who were for the Gin Act of 1751 they had their reasons. Although most revolved around the fact that gin was an evil drink that turned good men evil and devastated the morals of all that drank it. Our first individual that was for the Gin Act is an anonymous writer. His reason for being against the Gin Act is that he states that when he walks through the once great city of London and he looks in to the more credible bars only to see drunken men cursing and passing out right where they sit or fall. This anonymous writer has a good point here to show the fact that once respectable places that now serve gin have rapidly deteriorated because of the way men are addicted to gin(3). Our next personage that is for the passing of the Gin Act of 1751 is a group of County Magistrates from Middlesex England. Their reason for their opinion on the Gin Act is that they say that the now increasing consumption of gin in England has destroyed the middle working class making them unfit for labor, declining the morals of the common man and having gin lead them into a life of evil and crime. These...
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