The 1970 Cyclone in Bangladesh

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the 1970 Cyclone (Nov 12-13) with cyclonic surge of 3.05m to 10.6m high with wind speed of 222 km/h occurred during high tide causing most appalling natural disaster claiming 0.3 million human lives. On the 29 April 1991 a devastating cyclone hit Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Barisal, Noakhali, Patuakhali, Barguna and Khulna along with tidal bore of 5-8m high with wind speed of 240 km/h which killed 150,000 human beings, 70,000 cattlehead, and the total loss was about Tk 60 billion. [HS Mozaddad Faruque] tatistics for cyclone

Number of events reported

Number of people affected

Number of people killed

Reported economic damages (US$ in billion)

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Source of data: "EM-DAT: The OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database, Universit� catholique de Louvain, Brussels, Bel." Data version: v11.08
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EM-DAT Criteria

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Global Risk Data Platform

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Since that time, the shelters have dramatically reduced Bangladesh's loss of life from cyclones. Cyclone Sidr in 2007 officially killed 3,447 people, though some aid agencies believe the number may have reached 5,000 to 10,000. Cyclone Aila, which hit southern Bangladesh in 2009, killed 300 people, destroyed the homes of about 87,000 people and wiped out 4,000 kilometres of roads and embankments, many of which are still being rebuilt. Following the 1991 cyclone, a survey headed Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, a professor at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, recommended construction of 4,000 additional storm shelter centres. After Cyclone Sidr hit in 2007, that recommendation was reviewed by another committee headed by the then-secretary of the works ministry. That committee suggested the government construct at least 2,000 more shelter centres. But it has failed to do so, citing a lack of funds.
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