The 1920s

Topics: 1920s, Roaring Twenties, United States Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: January 13, 2013
How does the role of government in American economy and society change in the 1920’s?

The hustle and bustle of the 1920's was filled with chivalrous parties, flappers illuminating the night with their sparkly dresses, wine spilling from crystal glasses, the crowds of spectators not only anticipating home runs in a baseball game but anxiously awaiting how successful America could become, and how far the people could achieve without the safety reins of the government. The 1920's also called the Roaring 20’s was a time of great wealth and new modern ideas for America. The government enabled the United States to assume a greater economic role on the world stage. Unlike the major European powers at the time, the U.S. did not have to rebuild its economic structure following WWI, enabling it to flourish and exhibit influence over many aspects of life during the time period. Through the decade, the government helped change american society and economy positively. Women gained more rights, heroes evolved, and modern technology came about all to change America and its future for the better. During World War 1, women served their country by taking jobs in factories, as well as many going overseas to be nurses. Their experiences away from home and traditional women's work gave them a strong moral argument for the right to vote. The many tactics of the women and the shameful way they were treated finally forced Congress to deal with the issue. After some time, President Wilson finally declared himself in favor of woman suffrage and the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified. Given a much freer lifestyle, many women changed their fashion from long skirts and corsets to short skirts and dresses. They became known as “flappers”. Also during this time, the number of women working increased by 25 percent. There was a notable change in the kinds of work that women did since they were now able to receive college degrees. The number of female cooks, dressmakers, and household...
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