The 1920’s; a Revolutionary Decade

Topics: Harlem Renaissance, Roaring Twenties, African American Pages: 4 (1662 words) Published: January 21, 2012
For years it had been a rule that women were the guardians of morality, but as women abandoned what was socially acceptable, it seems that the rest of the country followed suit. Hemlines became shorter, futuristic buildings towered over people’s heads, new technology was developed and made a part of everyday life, jazz music blared from radios, and a new thirst for equality emerged like never before.

The 1920s was known as a form of social revolution. Most young people believed their elders to be much too serious, claiming “that the older generation had pretty well ruined this world before passing it on to us.” Women were especially rebellious. They wore rouge, which was thought to be a sinful act of trickery. Corsets were abandoned, which nearly gave the older generation a heart attack. Not wearing a corset was considered not being properly dressed and immoral; by not wearing her corset she was compromising her morals and not have the correct attire would lead to ‘easy sex.’ Hemlines became higher, showing just a bit more skin than the typical Gibson Girl. In the twenties, many roles changed for women. Women were declared the right to vote, their styles changed, they began doing other jobs such as doctors, bankers, lawyers, and other different jobs which were usually reserved for men. Women's style changed from wearing clothes that went all the way down to their ankles and with long hair all pinned up to short "bob" hair cuts and short skirts. These women were called "flappers". In the twenties, the jobs that were usually seen as womanly such as household things dropped. Women started doing jobs that men usually did. It was still seen that women were to be in the home and men brought home the money.

The decade of the 1920's was a period of American prosperity, new technology, and a new role for women. As World War I came to an end, society began bursting into many different things. The twenties were a time when people laughed more often than...
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