The 1920's Was a Time of Heroes

Topics: Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, 1920s Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: September 28, 2008
The 1920's was a time of great social change with new prosperity, new ideas but most importantly a time of heroes. These so called heroes defined the era and were the role models for the people of this time period. They brought on hope and enlightenment after the horrific times that they had gone through with the depression and the war. The role of women changed, sports and entertainment stars were celebrated and modern technology changed America's landscape. The twenties were a time when people laughed more often than cried, partied more often than worked, and dreamed more often than faced reality. Athletes were looked up to as heroes, authors helped people escape into a different life, and women dressed as flappers and started voting. The Harlem Renaissance, the model T, prohibition, sports heroes, the role of women, and new technologies all helped influence the social changes in the "Roaring Twenties". Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were admired for their talents. Henry ford introduced an afforidable automibile, and Charles Lindberg flew non-stop from New York to Paris in the flight of St. Louis. These two men were held on a petistil durning this era and are still admired til this day.

Along with Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, there were many other heros of the time. The main hereos came from the sports of the time. There were many sports heroes in the 1920's, such as George Herman Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Johnny Weismuller, Steve Donoghue, Harold Edward Grange, Helen Newington Wills, and William Tilden. George Herman Ruth, later dubbed Babe Ruth from his fans, set the baseball record of sixty home runs in one season in 1927. This record stood until 1961 when Roger Maris hit 61 home runs. He might have been the best baseball player who ever played the game. He led the Yankees to seven World Series and made two million dollars in his career. Jack "the Manassa Mauler" Dempsey was one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. He was a heavyweight champion...
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