The 13th Amendment

Topics: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Maryland Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: February 15, 2007
In 1865 a new amendment was passed, becoming the thirteenth amendment to The Constitution. This amendment pertained to slavery and making it illegal to own slaves. This amendment was passed by Abraham Lincoln while he was in office.

The thirteenth amendment was one of three very important ones passed after the civil war. This amendment is regarded as one of the most important amendments to date. It is very easy to see how this could be a result of the Civil War, which was fought over slavery. The United States was a nation divided by slavery, creating two sides, The North which was against slavery and the South which wanted slavery.

The thirteenth amendment that we now have is not the original version of the amendment. There was a thirteenth amendment that was passed prior to the one we know of now. This particular one was responsible for guaranteeing slavery as legal and acceptable. This version was never sent to each state to be ratified due to the civil war.

Our final amendment was truly passed during the civil war while the southern states were excluded from congress. This was a very strategic move, allowing for there to be no opposition to the amendment, which ensured that it would be passed very quickly. One would think today that it must have easily passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Not true. As a matter of fact, although passed in April 1864 by the Senate, with a vote of 38 to 6, the required two-thirds majority was defeated in the House of Representatives by a vote of 93 to 65. Abolishing slavery was almost exclusively a Republican Party effort--only four Democrats voted for it.

It was at this point that Lincoln took a major role in pushing the amendment through congress. He insisted that the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment be added to the Republican Party platform for the upcoming presidential elections. He used all of his political skill and influences to convince additional democrats to support the amendments'...
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