The 'Artist' I Admire !!!

Topics: Singing, Art, Pop Idol Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: May 2, 2013
When talking about Girls’ Generation, one of the most succinct ways to describe them would be to say, “female idol group”. But do those words truly describe them for who they are? Not in the slightest. The only accurate words in that description would be “female” and “group”. However, the context of the word “idol” is completely wrong in this case. Nowadays, the word “idol” is synonymous with “pop singer”, or someone that is active in many parts of the entertainment industry. Not only does the accepted meaning of the word not describe the girls in full, but it can also burden them with unfair prejudice from the general public. So if they aren’t an “idol group”, how would we go about describing them? For me, I prefer to call them “artists”. Maybe not necessarily on the same level as some of the greatest musical artists of our time, but calling them “idols” is understating how much talent they have and how much hard work they put into getting where they are today. The dictionary definition of the word “idol” is “someone you admire”, or you could even say is “role model”. But in reality, because of expanding pop culture, a variety of shows were spawned based off of the new “an idol is an entertainer” definition, such as “American Idol” and subsequent variations all around the world. However, these kinds of shows only made the new definition mainstream. It already had its own niche in Asia where the term had been used to describe many people involved in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, riding on the coattails of the term “idol” was a stigma that was almost impossible to shake off. It was a stigma saying that you were only there to look pretty and that you had no real talent for anything else. Even the members of Girls’ Generation have faced such accusations before. Yet, here they stand as one of the most successful groups that are currently active. Can it be considered fair to brush aside talent backed by years of hard work, only to have the general masses...
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