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September 10, 2010

Dear Parents,

Each week your child will bring home a Friday Folder containing graded work. Notices from the office, and a letter from the 7th and 8th grade team will be posted on Fridays on the GSB Intranet. The letter lets you know what has been happening in class in each subject, communicates general information, informs you about upcoming events and tests, and keeps you informed about incomplete/missing assignments and conduct referrals your child has received during the week. Please get your family into the routine of reviewing the Friday Folder early each weekend so that your child will have time to complete work if necessary. Also, please sign the signature form and return it to school in the empty Friday Folder every Monday morning. Students are encouraged to keep returned work at home in folders to help them study for exams at the end of each semester.

If you need to contact one of the 7/8 team members, you can reach us at school during the day or at home in the evening before 9:00 p.m. The school phone number is 908-234-1611. Each teacher’s extension and home phone are listed below.

We’re all looking forward to a great year!


Tony Bednarsky (7/8 history, civics)#301908-642-8498

Toni Brescher (7/8 science)#304908-439-3112

Donna Butler (7/8 Latin)#308908-938-6351

Vinnie Caporusso (7/8 Spanish)#310908-532-0363

Frank Corrado (7 math)#486973-998-6211

Teri Cosentino (7 Science) #357973-895-2833

Carrie Grabowski (7/8 French)#424973-584-6548

Heather Hall (7/8 English)#323908-797-5930

Kristina Lasher (7 math)#388908-625-8367

Jean Loizeaux (7/8 math)#321908-766-4674

Bob Orr (7/8 math)#425908-832-7553

Carrie Pietkiewich (MS Computers)#454917-623-6534

Shari Poticny (7/8 English)#355908-879-6048

Cliff Schafer (8 civics)#481908-246-8947

Stacy Scudder (7 science)#390...
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