Thbt Smoker Cant Access the Health Facilities

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CONTRA (thbt smoker cant access health facility)
First, it means you only see the advantage of one side. Only in terms of passive smokers health. Though the health authorities should be beneficial to all parties, both passive and active smokers. We know the motto of the health institutions healthful whole Indonesian people. Where prevention involves three steps. Primary prevention, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention means preventing the disease before it comes. By doing counseling, socialization, nest eradication of the disease. Then, secondary prevention means preventing the disease became endemic. In this case healthcare institutions conduct screening and treating the patient in order not widespread instead of killing the patient in order not widespread. Last tertiary prevention means preventing the patient contracted the disease again. By doing rehabilitation, both physical, psychological, and disease. So when do access restrictions for smokers health means not perform the function of secondary and tertiary prevention. So health agencies failed to perform its function to nourish the whole Indonesian people without exception Second, if many smokers can not get health care at state hospitals. So they're expanding into nurshing home. And it will make patients lose confidence in the government. They think the government does not care about the fate of their health. According to sources MBGIS most smokers are poor. As a result of poverty, they can not buy food that cigarettes made ​​their stomachs booster. So what Jamkesma function, Jamsos, etc. if in fact they all died from not getting treatment. Munurut MBGIS largest cause of death in Indonesia or around 54% are cigarette users who do not receive medical treatment due to poverty earlier. Health care is to reduce the death rate. So with that government providing health benefits through Jamkesnas, Jamsos, etc.. If 54% of people are not getting health care, whether by ensuring they do not smoke anymore...
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