That Other May Live

Topics: Want, High school, United States Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: December 11, 2012
During my childhood instead of playing PlayStation or Xbox I was always outside making new friends, riding my bike around and exploring the unknown. That’s what kids do best all ways curious wanting information asking “why you are doing this” or “why do I have to do that”, But my parents still brought me up to be respectful, Truthful, Extremely Helpful and those are only a fraction of what my parents bestowed upon me. In elementary school I was never the bully instead, I was the one watching it happen. My father is a very wise gentlemen he always had this saying that he repeated all the time and now I don’t know if it was an accident or on purpose but it is one-hundred percent imbedded in my head,” Do onto others as you would like done onto you” many of you know this to be a Pre-Kindergarten lesson. So I took that to heart and I will always be the person standing up or helping those in need even if it meant I would switch spots with them because I know there is someone else that would do the same for me when I need it. I remember in 6th grade at Saint Raphael’s elementary school I witnessed an altercation involving my friend and fellow classmate Thomas and an 8th grader Brandon. You can possibly guess what the issue revolved around, Lunch money being taken I intervened and tried to be an arbiter and try to convince Brandon to calm down and return the money to my friend. Did not work at all he laughed pushed me took my money too and left to class. Don’t let the name of a school fool you into thinking it was a bully free school. It is very difficult to extinguish such a popular issue bullying, in every school ranging from first to twelve grades. During that time I had watched many movies involving heroism but not as Batman or Superman but as a United States armed service member. I would see A squad of soldiers on patrol in Vietnam or in Iraq identify and engage an enemy contact then see a man go down whether it was the assistant sixty gunner or the designated...
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