That One Special Friend.

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It all started when I was visiting the guidance counselor. They called me up to change my courses. I was switching from my band class to an elective because they class was full, and needed an elective to fill the space. After seeing a list of electives, I chose to go with Italian, after seeing French was full. I didn't know it at the time, but it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions ever made.

I entered my first Italian class feeling unaware of my surroundings, didn't know what to expect. I looked around and saw one person, a kid with glasses and dirty brown hair, and sat next to him. I slowly started talking to him, and over the course of several weeks I began falling in love with him. I knew I had a crush on him. At this point, I knew he also had a slight idea that I loved him, and I knew we had a special connection. I had enough knowledge about him to know that he had broken up with his girlfriend recently, and I felt a connection deeper than anything. I did not want him to be my boyfriend, I wanted him to be something more. After a certain amount of time waiting, I walked with him to the school car pick-up at the end of the day, and coyly, but very bravely, told him, "You like me don't you?". He appeared momentarily flustered, but admitted, "Yeah..a little.."

Now, it is roughly 5 years later. Though we never really got together, and while I now found an amazing love interest myself, Me and my friend still have become best friends. It is amazing how we can still be such great friends over this time, and not loose track of each other. He is in college now and doing well, and from time to time we hang out and have fun, or talk about our various relationships. I feel the best thing that can be learned from this is that taking a chance, such as asking him if he was interested in me, may produce great results. Our friendship is strong, and many other people can take chances and break down barriers that would make nervous or uncomfortable people

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