Thanks to My Hardworking Father

Topics: Family, Working Man, Teacher Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: September 18, 2009
Jose Quiles

Prof. J. Robinson

Eng 100-F80

August 06, 2009

Thanks to My Hardworking Father
It is very fortunate for a kid to have his father around. In the last thirty years, having both parents in the household was rare. Most of my friends I grew up with only had their mother around. To all the mothers that were strong enough to raise a boy to be a man, I commend you. However, I was very fortunate to have both parents in my household. I would like to thank my father for showing me what a hardworking man truly is, for teaching me how to be responsible, and teaching me why it’s better to work hard for my money than take the easy route like selling drugs.

First of all, I thank my father for showing me what a hardworking man truly is. He always had a job, sometimes two, but they never took any quality time away from spending with me. My father always made me remember that any man can help make a baby, but a real man helps raise the baby. My father was always there to help raise me. I remember when I told him that he was going to be a grandfather, he reminded me that anyone could make a baby, raising one was a different story. When my mother got a raise at her job and had to work more hours, my father took a different job so he could spend more time at home with me. Most men would rather work and have the mother at home to raise the kids. My father was different; he wanted everyone to be happy. My mother was happy working at her job. I was happy to be around my father more, and he was happy that he could raise me to be a responsible man. Next, I thank my father for teaching me how to be a responsible hardworking man. My father always taught me that a man is a person that takes care of his responsibilities. He always showed me that having fun with my friends was pleasant and okay as long as I had taken care of my homework and chores. Once I got to that age where I could clean up behind myself, he made sure I did just that. My father...
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