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Careers in Commercial Arts
What is Commercial or graphic arts. ? Have you ever noticed magazines, comic books, the way a house is designed?? All of that are different kinds of commercial arts and graphic designs. Many people specialize in these things. For example like people specialize in ways to advertise a product.

Two of the major things that most commercial arts and graphic designing will include will be advertisements and logos .advertisements are a method used to inform, or help sell a product by persuading them. So if you were trying to sell a type of hamburger you would use advertisements to sell it like commercials to spread the word of your hamburger. Logos are a design symbolizing organization. They’re going to appear a lot in advertisements. Logos are a graphic mark or emblem that represents a corporate business. Jobs such as brand marketing will include establishing logos and advertisments .all this advertisement is Graphic design, which is just combining art and text perfectly.

If you were to work for a business in commercial arts you’d have plenty of jobs. Like director in corporate branding, business architectural designer, even company web designer. Business design is enterprise architecture pretty much describing the terminology of a place. Corporate branding includes the practice of using the company’s name as a product brand name also creating professional business cards. Web page designs play a big role in a business it needs the skill of presentation. One will need to create a website representing their business in a simple manner depending on who the person is. A web page is usually to give information to the web user.

Advertisement has been around for a really long time, coming from flyers down to just people advertising particular businesses. As technology got better so did the advertisements and kinds of commercial arts. For instants print ads. Print ads can be magazines new paper newsletters, or any informative text that states either fact or opinion .pretty much portable printed media. Billboard ads are another way that advertisements improved. Allowing creating huge eye catching forms of advertisements .usually on the road were many people drive by to see. During the 1950’s pop art was starting to be used a lot mostly for propaganda purposes. Pop art will mainly be seen in comics though; comics are a great example of pop art. Books and cd’s have covers in the front. That is used to express once coulter or ones creativity. On books it expresses what the book may be about.

Another kind of commercial and graphic art is clothing and uniform designing. Many companies revolve around clothing lines such as H&M, and Foreign exchange. Most company’s need to have uniforms in order to work there so people create a design for them and make them comes true. If you have ever wondered who created your house or who designed the way your house is perfectly place and shaped its thanks to interior designers. They design the inside of houses, stores, business offices and facilities. Believe it or not theater art is a type of commercial art. It is a branch of preforming arts and it involves live performances that usually create drama.

Now that you know what commercial arts is, think about some careers in commercial arts. There are many colleges that specialize in training you for such jobs. Don’t worry jobs need creative people like you. Commercial arts aren’t just advertising it involves lots of creative ideas to push a business or company forward. Not all commercial arts involve businesses. Commercial arts will help you with many things in life including technology.

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