Thankful Paper

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A few thinks that I am thankful for

A few things I am thankful for is food, shelter, and the holidays. The reason I chose these three topics is I thought of a couple of things I couldn’t live without and these came to mind. I feel I cannot live without these things are because they are things I have become accustomed to. I also think that once you get used to something it is almost as if nothing else exist. The reason I feel this way is because I am very comfortable with my surroundings.

The reason you cannot live without food is simple because if you don’t eat you will eventually die. I also think I am thankful for food because I couldn’t live without my mom’s cooking especially desert. I think my favorite desert is one my mom makes is chocolate delight it is a creamy rich mixture of pecans, cool whip, cream cheese, and chocolate pudding. My dad also makes really good dishes too; my favorite thing he makes is my breakfast no matter what it is always something to look forward to. The reason I say that is because my mom rarely cooks breakfast, but when she does I am thankful because it is a big deal.

In addition to that I am thankful for shelter like my house for example. If I did not have a house I think I would be very cold due to the conditions as of now. Also I would have no where to put my clothes or anything of that nature, but on the plus side I wouldn’t have a room to clean.
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