Thank You Ma'M Analysis

Topics: Short story, Blue Suede Shoes, Fiction Pages: 7 (2535 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Author :Langston Hughes,He had difficulties as a young African American in the early 1900’s,then he began writing poetry to cope with this.He felt it was important to write about his African American experience.This story is one of his many stories about city life for African Americans. Title:The title suggests that someone feels grateful for somebody else’s behaviour and thanks her.(or someone appreciates something done by a woman thanks her.) Setting:In Harlem, in a city /NY city in 1920’s at night(about eleven o’ clock) Point of view:The story is told from the third person point of view because the narrator tells the story from outside the action.The narrator is limited.Because the narrator tells the story from the perspective of only one character Central conflict:is between a boy and a strong and large woman.Between two characters so it is regarded as an external conflict.(The boy tries to steal her purse but as he turns to flee he falls downand the woman is able to grab him by the shirt. Plot

Introduction:Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is walking home from work one night,when a young teenager attempts to snatch her purse.HHe breaks the strap in his haste to get away and Mrs Jones gives him a kick shakes him and finally grabs him by his shirt. Inciting incident:When the boy breaks the strap in his haste to snatch the large purse or just when the boy attempts to snatch the purse ,inciting incident occurs because this event creates the struggle or conflict between the characters. Development:The woman gives the boy a kick,shakes him and gives him a stern lecture and then marches him off to her furnished single room.She wants him to wash his face. Then she asks him about himself.and learns that his name is Roger and he tried to steal her purse to buy blue suede shoes.She prepares the dinner for the two.

Climax:While Mrs Jones is cookingdinner,the boy remains seated near the purse and we wonder if he’ll steal the purse and run away.(or when she refuses to turn the boy loose we wonder what she is going to do with him or where she ‘ll take him to. Resolution: Mrs Jones tells him that she herself is not so proud of certain things that she has done in her life. Probably she wants him to know that they are not so different from each other. Then she gives him the money for the shoes.Roger can see that everybody can make mistakes and still go on to lead happy,honest and productive lives. So he relaxes. Finally she lets him go warning to behave himself. Characterization:Mrs Jones is avery strong and confident woman.She is obviously concerned about children and the ones who are misbehaving.She wants to make sure that he understands his fault and help him to behave better(a flat and static character)She is understanding,considerate,kind,respectful,helpful, generous and thoughtful.She works in ahotel beauty shop.She sets a good relation with the boy,sincere but also balanced .She could have done something to punish him ,but instead of it she chose to train him. Roger:is a frail,thin boy at the age of 14 or 15.He is wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes.He is timid,defenceless,dishonestfirst but the way that Mrs Jones treated him makes him feel ashamed of what he has done.Her attitude makes Roger feel confident and he relaxes becomes trustworthy and grateful for human kindness.So he changes He feels better,gains self respect ,self- worth(being treated respectfully)It seems he has never been treated well before.He understands the mistakes and wants to improve because although he has the chance to escape he chooses to stay.Reasons can be various.;The need to prove himself to Mrs Jones as he is not bad and can be reliable. Theme:< Lessons can sometimes be taught more effectively with kindness than with punishment <Kindness and understanding can change a person’s behaviourespecially if the person is not used to being treated well <Responding with kindnessrather than punishment when somebody tries to hurt...
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