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Bryant had a very calming way of putting death in his poem “Thanatopsis”. This poem is one of the classics about death as it offers a peaceful view of death, comfort for the living, and no matter what a person's religious beliefs, the poem is still applicable. "Thanatopsis" views death as part of the return to nature, like death is just another phase of life itself. "Earth, that nourished thee, shall claim Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again," (Bryant). This quote explains that as a person has lived upon the Earth, the Earth will now live upon that person. Bryant saw death as a kind of passage to give back to mother nature in a way, so he didn’t seem so fearful of it because of his appreciation for nature’s beauty.

“Thanatopsis” is a poem of death but it isn’t there to frighten people about death but to show them a greater side in a way. He shows a more gentle, peaceful, and more rewarding kind of side to death. Death isn’t rewarding of course but giving back to the land you once took and lived from gives you a form of use than just being dead in the ground. "Thanatopsis" also tells the reader that he/she will not go to death alone. Everyone who has ever died will already be there. Everyone who hasn't gone yet will be there eventually. Bryant made passing seem like a relatively pleasant thing.

"And what if thou withdraw In silence from the living, and no friend Take note of thy departure? All that breathe will share thy destiny"(Bryant) This statement provides comfort for the living as well. For those who seemingly have no one in life, they will not be alone in death. No person ever wants a friend or family member to suffer or to be alone, and Bryant tells us that no person will ever be alone. It is much easier to let someone go in this case. Readers could take this poem in with a form of relief with the subject of death. Bryant shows the better kinds of sides linked with his ideas of death bringing possible comfort to the reader. Readers might embrace...
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