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Education is important to everyone, to succeed in life; they need to have an education and understanding about the world outside of their mind. Children are the most important age to study and gain knowledge from school and teachers. To have enough education to all children or people is important in every country. In this paper, you will find many quotations from many researchers that talk about how important to education and education that is now scarce in Thailand. Furthermore, this paper will focus on Thailand education is scarce and how Thai government need to fix about this.

Thailand education:

Thailand education is scarce and it needs to be fixed

Thailand education is scarce. There are lots of problems that Thailand has today, and one of them is education. Education in Thailand needs to be fixed. Thai education system is not good and it is not working with students. Some of students complain that Thailand has the worst education system. Most researchers report that Thailand education really needs to be fixed because there are lots of problem that is now happen to Thai education.

The most famous and talkative problem in this moment is all about tablet. Government gave tablets to grade one student, whish is not really necessary to those kids. Many researchers try to find problems about shy tablets are not good for those kids outside and around Bangkok. Scholarship for poor students in the country is also the problems of Thai education; Thai government should cares about Thai population which include inside and outside Bangkok. The policy in Thailand said that they will give 15 years free education for those poor students, and it is not cover all of poor students in the poor area in Thailand.

Government should not give tablet to children.

Thai government, especially prime minister should think about tablets for grade one students. Government should know that kids will not concentrate on learning by new tablets. They might play games or go on another application instead of studying of what teacher asked them to study. There are two researchers report about those problems of giving tablet to grade one students. First is there is lots of problems about giving tablets to students such as lack of high speed internet, etc. Secondly student will not focus on lesson of study.

First of all, the researcher found out there are lots of problems happened after the government gives tablets to those students. “There is no high speed internet access to the rural areas; lack of e-books and educational software; lack of ability to prevent kids from planning computer games that are not about educational.” (Peter J. Forey, November 2011). He was talking about the problem that is really happened in the area that he went to find some research about this. He describes all the problems that kids have and find some ways to fixed it.

Secondly and the last one, many researchers talk about this kind of problem that said, it is necessary for grade one students. As Wannapa Khaopu, Thai news reporter said “giving Prathom 1 (Grade 1) tablet is unnecessary because they might not use it for education or they might not understand about the software.” (Ms. Khaopu, 2011). She describes how unnecessary the tablets are for those grade one students. She hopes the government will understand and improve about education more than this.

In conclusion, Thai government should think about how useful tablets are for those grade one students. They must understand the technology of Thailand, that it is not good enough to give students tablet to study and have all the internet access to every single area of Thailand. Government should work more about Thailand’s education and should meeting with the Ministry of education in Thailand.

Poor family should get the scholarship from government for their kids.

There was lots of poor family in Thailand especially east...
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