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A wish for an unforgettable wedding
Which wedding style would you like to choose when you decide to marry your lover? Traditional Chinese style? Romantic Western Style? Causal naked wedding? Just provide you a new suggestion, have you ever thought of holding Thai style wedding? Are you still pondering? Let me first introduce the Thai wedding to you, and then compare the differences between Thai and Hong Kong wedding style. In this essay, I will first focus on the wedding styles in Thailand and Hong Kong. Afterwards, I will examine the general differences of Thai marriage and Hong Kong marriage, such as preparation of wedding ceremony, the process of wedding and some activities after wedding and also with a brief conclusion at the end. Background information

In Thailand, due to the fact that 95% of the population is Buddhist, there are many religious rituals in wedding. Most of Thai people tend to organize a wedding ceremony by following the Buddhist regulation. Nowadays, Buddhist ceremony is still in practice and even very popular among young people. In Hong Kong, although the majority of people are Christian or Catholic, the culture of marriage tends to combine with different cultures. For example, Hong Kong people would like to hold a wedding ceremony which in both traditional Chinese style and modern Western style. On the other hand, there is a law stating that same sex marriage is banned. If a male wants to marry a transgender female, it is always prohibited. So, it is illegal that a lady-boy marries a normal male in Thailand even though they truly love each other. The situation is at the same in Hong Kong society, the homosexual marriage is not legitimated. The expense of Thai wedding and Hong Kong wedding are various, which depends on couples’ specific needs and requirements. For Thai wedding, it relies on the cost of religious rituals, dowries and feasts. It generally costs around $30,000HKD. However, it is more expensive for Hong Kong wedding. The expenditure will be mainly spent on wedding photos taking, site decoration or invitation card delivering with coupons, which totally cost about $70,000HKD. Preparation of wedding ceremony

Before wedding, there are several things that the new couple needs to do. Firstly, both of Thai families normally sit down and set a specific date for wedding that they believe it can bring the couple good luck. For example, they may choose September or 9th as wedding date as nine is a lucky number in Thai people’s belief. For Hong Kong wedding style, because of the tradition Chinese culture, Hong Kong people always choose auspicious date according to the Chinese calendar. Generally, they tend to choose which particular day is suitable for wedding and which unlucky day isn’t proper to do so.

Moreover, Thai couples will send the invitation cards to their relatives, friends and most importantly, monks as guests. The content of the cards include the details of the ceremony such as the accurate time and venue of morning Buddhist ceremony and night feast. Also, the card will give suggestions to guests on what they should wear and which gift should they bring to the wedding. The dress code of all people, including groom, bride and guests should not be black color, since black color is only wore in funeral events. Before Thai wedding, morning Buddhist ceremony is a necessary ritual which must be held in a particularly accurate time (e.g. 9:09 a.m.) to guarantee good luck to the couple. Monks are always invited to hold the morning Buddhist ceremony. The situation is indeed similar in Hong Kong. Weeding invitation cards are sent out to relatives, close friends and colleagues of bride and groom. The exact time and location are mentioned as well. However, the difference is that coupons from cake shops are also provided with wedding invitation cards. And, guests in Hong Kong are permitted to wear black suits to attend wedding. When choosing wedding gown, Thai brides like choosing...
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