Thai Soap Operas

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Thai Soap Operas always in favor
In some houses, family fight for TV remote control and what to watch: Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, or Romance?
For many decades, prime-time soap operas, or Lakorn Nam Nao, have remained so popular. From generation to generation, Thai people have a very great loyalty to their soaps and their favorite characters. From the greatest-hooked Raeng Ngao, the audience becomes addicted to see the battle of wife and mistress. The saga of wife and mistress, love triangles, and family conflict always attract Thai viewers and always get good ratings. "We have tob-joob (slap and kiss) drama or romantic comedies which are not the norm in Western series. A romantic scene in a Thai soap can make viewers excited, and they may shed tears along with the characters in a distressing situation. That doesn't normally happen when watching a Western series," said Sirilux Srisukon, script director at TV production Exact. In other words, Thai people are highly embodied to their culture. Almost every Thai soap opera shares some similarity with viewers. Namely, they represent Thai culture and Thai society. Seniority, relations with parents, monks, civil or religious festival, Thai food, life after death, superstition, and ghosts are always part of Thai series. “The mass audience, particularly upcountry viewers, want to watch something that relates to them. With that in mind, we create the script for an entertaining and easy-to-follow story," said Lalita Chantasadkosol, Kantana's head of scriptwriters. In the Thai point of view, they will watch series that deal with same life as theirs. They don’t like the soaps in which they must think a lot or be critical. "We have to understand the nature of the target audience, we give them a good lakorn with a local flavor," said Lalita. Thai people like soaps which share similarity to their culture. In the Thai point of view, they will watch series that deal with same life as theirs. They don’t like the...
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