Thai Red Cross Marketing Analysis

Topics: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, American Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Pages: 19 (7057 words) Published: May 4, 2013
In the world of business, definitely, the main activity of every organization is to provide products or services to the customer. The organization might survive in their industry if they can provide the outstanding products or services which extremely different from their competitors. It is also considered as the most important factor for the customer to evaluate the products and services that will generate highest benefit when they decide to purchase. As the organization view, the organization duty is not only provide the best products or services, but also the communication with their customers. Initially, the company has to sought out what are the customer needs, so that they can respond to the needs by producing the right product or services to serve the customer, and it will definitely resulted in the high successful of that products. After the products or services have been produced, the organization has to communicate with their customers again, by introducing their products and services to the customer by using various approaches, aiming to get to the customer and inform the customer of their existence. These activities are called “Marketing”. Even marketing is not the core activity of the organization, but it is the heart of every organization. Some organization that produces high quality products but lack of high performance of marketing activity, how can their customer know that their products are that good? Marketing always helps the organization to develop the relationship of the organization and customers, in order to find the connection between the customer’s need and company’s products and services offered. As stated before, that marketing is the heart of every organization, it is applied with both for-profit organization and non-profit organization. In case of for-profit organization, the marketing team’s main activity is to introduce the company’s products by promoting and offering special offers to get customer attention. Differently from Non-profit organization, marketing team will have tasks in raising awareness of their focusing area such as environmental, educational, or health. They also have to promote for fund raising, since they will not have the direct income from products selling. Within this paper, the analysis of Non-Profit organization or charitable organization called “Thai Red Cross Society” will be applied. The paper will be divided into three part, the first part will be the analysis on Thai Red Cross Society’s activities, Second part would be focused on the environmental forces, and the last part would be the contribution of marketing staff of Thai Red Cross Society.

Part 1: Thai Red Cross Society’s Organizational Profile and Activities

Thai Red Cross Society was established in 1893, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn of Thailand. It is first called “The Red Unalom Society of Siam”. During that time, Thailand has a war with France in securing the land on the left bank side of Mekhong River. The consequent was many soldiers were injured from the war. Thailand, at that time, does not have any charitable organization to help those injured soldiers, so Thanpuying Plien Pasakornravongs has formed a group of volunteer and sent request to Queen Sawang Wadhana for permission in order to set up the Red Unalom Society of Siam. The Society establishment permission has been approved by the king on April 26, 1893, which known as “Red Cross Society Foundation day” After King Chulalongkorn has passed away, King Vajiravudh was taking over the throne. He has experienced and saw the effective of Japanese Red Cross during the way back to Thailand, in Japanese Red Cross Hospital. So He decided to established a Hospital that under control of The Red Unalom Society of Siam. The Hospital was built and named “King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital” to honored his father. The Red Unalom Society of Siam was changed to “Thai Red Cross Society” in 1910 and officially recognized by...

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