Thai Private Hospital Analysis

Topics: Hospital, Health insurance, Health care Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: October 5, 2007
1.Bumrungrad made the hospital experience to feel more like 5 star hotel. With Mc Donalds and Starbust operating in their premises it do not feel like a hotel. They opened good internet service where you can find a doctor online. People could choose from 600 doctors and book an appointment online. Appointments where confirmed within 2 hrs. This is very good service for patients whom are bored to wait and cue.

Bumrungrad opened representative offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, Dhaka and Viantiane. They also tied up with Thai Airways to run health care package trips to Thailand. Late 2000 Bumrungrad launced a campaign aimed at attracting patients from UK. They joined with UK Healthcare Enterprises to promote instant and affordable packages for one-third of the price in UK.

According to Schroeder the MD of Bumrungrad they targeted to countries wher health care costs are high and insurance net is low as well as to operations that the medical insurance do not cover such as: cosmetic surgeries.

Bumrungrad opened International Centre that provided services like: visas, translation, transport etc…

Afte the September 11th attacks Bumrungrad made wise move to target to Islamic countries as these people where uncertain of going to US or Europe for their treatment. The whole staff was given training on fundamentals of Islam.

Good service, price lower than that back home for many foreign patients and most of all quick service & well designed internet and computer system. That is the winning formula of Bumrungrad.

2.Bumrungrad offers comfortable hole like surroundings where patient can relax and even enjoy the staying in hospital!

Product: World class service with highly qualified doctors. Many of the services are not covered by the health insurance.

Price: Much less than the price of private hospitals overseas and reasonable compared with the local same quality hospitals.

Promotions: Representative offices abroad, Arabic newspapers to attract...
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