Thai Culture Dimension

Topics: Future, Time, Present Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: October 30, 2008
In this paper, we assess Thai culture and its influence on Thai people by using Trompenaar’s cross cultural dimension as guidance.

Universalism v/s Particularism; The belief of universal application of ideas and practices against the belief of adapting ideas and practices in accordance to the circumstances and situation. Thai culture can be categorize in Particularism because most Thai people place high regard on personal friendship rather than contractual on the paper. Some agreements can even be change or alter base upon relationships. Thai people determine what right or ethically acceptance base on the situation or its merit by find exceptions when there is no rule that fit to that particular situation.

Individualism v/s Communitariism; The concept of people leading individual lives and caring and being responsible for only themselves against the concept of people living together and maintaining strong kinships. Thai culture would be place in Communitarism because they emphasis more on the group as a whole, family, society, company and country than self individual. They see people who emphasis more on individual as selfish

Neutral v/s Affective; A culture in which emotions are kept in check against a culture where emotions are conveniently expressed without any constraints. Thai culture would be more Neutral because most Thai people like to kept their own emotions with in rather than express to others. As it said above, Thai people emphasis on personal relationship so they would not express their inner emotions that may upset others which will likely shake the relationship. (Keep people’s face) Thai people don't express directly what they are really thinking which can lead to misunderstandings (They still smile even though they are at fault or not understand something) and certain emotions are considered to be improper to exhibit in certain situations.

Specific v/s Diffuse; Individuals having a big public space that they let others access and a...
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