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Topics: Motivation, Cognition, Internet Pages: 5 (1695 words) Published: October 18, 2013
Motivation and Concern factors for Internet Shopping
The study of about the motivation and concern factors for internet shopping was conducted in Malaysia. Due to the fast growth of E-commerce in the country, the demand for conducting online shopping was highly raised. Anyhow, the Motivation factors and their attributes positively influence and stimulate customers to conduct online shopping. Despite the motivation factors, there also are various barrier issues as concern factors that hold back and interrupt their decision making in online shopping.

it is mentioned that there are 2 kinds of factors;
motivation factors and concern factors that influence the decision making of online shoppers. The motivation-factors, which we can call it as positive attitudes, are as followings;
The Accessibility Motivation, it is about how the shoppers can find or access to the information about the products (easier, faster, latest updated information and more in detailed). The online shopping also provides such an infrastructure to access and compare information much more easily and at deeper levels than the traditional way of shopping.

As they said in their study that e-sellers can provide much more information about the products or services without any physical restrictions in the e-shopping environment. The information can be presented in many forms like texts, pictures, or even sounds. Despite the fact that consumers cannot experience the real products, rich and accurate information in e-shopping can create more stimulation in shopping to the customers. Moreover, online shopping can reduce search costs and enable customers to compare the information and price simultaneously. The Availability Motivation is about the availability of products that cannot be found locally. Some kinds of products are only available in some countries or places, so the internet shopping allows the shoppers to order and possess itThe Reliability Motivation, it is about how the companies or internet sellers clearly and understandably state or fully provide the details about the products or services including prices, freight charges, any other terms and conditions, and also their company profile. Moreover it also relates to how often the company updates their website, and how they make it look reliable and attractive to the customers as well. The Convenience Motivation which is acknowledged to be the primary motivating factor in consumer decision to buy online at home. It is about the time, space, and effort saved by a consumer. There is no crowd of people shopping and no traffic jams so that it helps save and shorten the time. Due to the nature of website that providing product lists in a web-link, consumers can approach the products or what they want more easily by just scrolling and clicking. The ordering process in the website is also easier as receiving an order confirmation including any other details about the product via email, it helps saving time and effort of consumers. Notwithstanding the online shopping maybe fail to some customers if the ordering process is time consuming and complicated. The Socialization Motivation which is an opportunity for customers to have an interaction with another parties. It is also a good chance for customers to practice their foreign languages with people from other countries. And they also allow talking or having a conversation in any topics as they want without any restrictions. (Suki, 2005) The Search Ability Motivation is the ease of product finding. In online shopping, to find the product is easy for customers and is not time consuming. They can surf and search through the internet by putting just short keywords, and then just click to see and find on what they want. The Quality Concern is the concern about the quality of the products or services, and the quality or stability of the company. Due to the fact that the customers cannot experience the real products themselves, it is difficult to judge the...
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