Thai Airways Script

Topics: Good, Service system, Customer Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Good Afternoon everybody, we are the representative of Thai airways. We have just arrived from Thailand to Heathrow this morning to come here in order to present our company. So we have a bit jet lag. Before starting the presentation I would like to ask you some questions. Are there any body has ever used Thai airways? What do you think about our service? Today, we are going to introduce our company and our service. “Welcome On Board”.

The presentation can be classified into 5 parts. The first part Peter is going to introduce about our company. Next, I am going to explain the nature of service. And after that we are going to explain about Managing Service Operations and Service Design. Finally, coming up with recommendation and conclusion about our company, Thai airways. OK Peter.

To understand the nature of service, Let see how services have been changed from the past until now. As you can see that in the past, a number of companies focus on goods to gain profits for the company and implementing with services. However, it has been changed in the present; we tend to focus on services instead of goods because we think that if we provide good services for the customers, we can gain more profits. For example, in our company, Thai airways, if we attend to the services to serve the best quality for customers, our company will become more reputation and then we can get more profits.

Now, let’s move onto the Airline features of services. It can be classified into 5 parts. The first part is Intangibility; the reputation of the company can be widespread by words of mouth of the customers. There are three main service stages of Thai airways. In the Pre-flight, we provide supporting our services for customers such as Flight booking, check-in system and baggage allowance. The next stage, In-flight which is the service after the passengers get on the airplane, food and other facilities have been provided by such as Air hostess and steward. Finally, the service hasn’t...
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