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Produce texts from notes


This document provides you with the instructions for your final assessment.


Successful completion of this assessment will contribute evidence of your knowledge and skills in the following elements from the unit of competency:

• Take notes

• Transcribe notes

• Edit and revise text

Assessment guidelines

Before commencing this assessment it is recommended you read through all the content for this unit.

It is important that all your tasks for this assessment are received together. Please complete all tasks in this assessment before submitting; your work will not be assessed if you submit partial assessment.

• Complete all assessment tasks below in a Microsoft Office compatible document or a PDF.

• If you need to provide supporting documentation please ensure it is in Microsoft Office or Office compatible document such as PDF.

• It is recommended that you include your name on each page of all documents you submit.

For more information on assessment procedures, appeals and recognition of prior learning please refer to the student handbook.

Task 1

If you are in a workplace, locate your company style guide and document storage policy. If you are not in a workplace (or your workplace does not have a style guide or document storage policy) use the XYZ Company style guide and the XYZ Company document storage policy. (The XYZ Company style guide and document storage policy can be downloaded from the screen where you accessed this assessment.)

Imagine you have to create a text from notes.

a) Referring to your style guide, list two (2) requirements you would need to consider with regards the presentation of the text that you will produce from your notes.

b) Referring to the document storage policy, list an organisational requirement for the storage of the document you will produce.


I will change not use the an ampersand instead of the word ‘and’ unless its part of a company name.

I will capitalise the weeks moths and dates but not the seasons.


It is an organizational requirement that I save the documents from my department into the chosen directory for my department to the companies server set by the policy.

Task 2

Read the following scenario and complete the task as described below.

Scenario: You are working at an advertising firm as a personal assistant to the national sales director. When speaking with your manager earlier today, he said, “I need you to come with me to the board meeting at 3pm this afternoon. Please make sure you bring a pen and paper, because this is a very important meeting and I need to you take notes.”


List at least three (3) questions you would ask your manager to clarify the purpose and the requirements of the text you will produce from your notes.

What type of text do you want me to create? ex (formal or informal business letters or memos)

Who will be reading the report?

Where is the information being sourced from?

Task 3

For this task, you will need to download the “Telephone message” audio file from the screen where you accessed this assessment, and then save the file to your computer.

Read the following scenario and complete the task as described below.

Scenario: You are working in an office. Your manager Sally Jamison calls and leaves you a telephone message asking you to create a letter.


Listen to the audio file of the telephone message and take notes. When you have finished taking notes, answer the following questions regarding your notes.

1. List 3 key points that you included in your notes.

2. How would you determine the correct spelling of Mr Giannopolous?

3. List one question you would ask Sally to ensure you captured her intended meaning.

1.My 3 points are:...
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