Tgif Case Analysis Form

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TGIF Case Analysis Form

a. Macro:
There are a various opinions on whether or not the “beer bust” is a suitable tool of rewarding the company’s stuff or worker.   Stan and Erin, they establish Quantum Software, feel that this time is beneficial because it gives a chance to “encourage the team concept” (Brown & Harvey, 1995). Bill however, after witnessing an employee stumbling as a result of his drinking, questions the company’s conditions of providing alcohol during the workday.

b. Micro:
The micro issue is that coworkers see each other the same with management stuff in an intoxicated state; creating a situation where professional integrity could be compromised.

The cause for the struggle is that the company offering its employees alcohol during work and that creates a situation where Quantum would be held liable should an accident occur at work or as the stuff was leaving the office. In addition concerns are guaranteed in considering that not all stuff will be included in an event where drinking alcohol is involved (NZMA, 2006).

Systems Affected:
1. Quantum had a lot of success in the previous years of its While that is a positive point it comes with some responsibilities. Such as keeping up on staffing cases. 2. Quantum seems highly under staffed and is asking for 16 work hour days, 6 days per a week. The over loaded employee gave Erin, one of the owners an idea as these individuals need to blow off some steam after these horribly long weeks Quantum is asking them to work. 3. Another reason for their current situation concerning the beer bust Friday is Erin was its convincer. She believes has a vested and seems to be bias interest in keeping beer bust Fridays despite the danger it lends to the institution.

Quantum could ask every worker to do a breathalyzer test and sign a waiver before going home, leaving no liability to Quantum. Another example of alternatives is to their current state is hiring more people. The work to employee ratio is too high. Quantum could move beer bash Fridays to a bar, giving the liability of when to stop offering the employees beer to the bar and its owners. Finally, there is another alternative which instead of having beer bashes to just give the workers every weekend afternoon off to do with what they like.

1. Communication and Education:
There is an effective way to overcome resistance to change is to enlighten people with the causes to change before implementation. There is a possibility of misunderstanding between Stan, Erin and Bill during communication. Bill brought up his concern without providing Stan and Erin extra detailed information and also did it at a incorrect timing. 2. Involvement and Participation:

Workers are less likely to go against the change when they are involved. Bill as the corporate attorney of the company is most likely inactive in activities and events organized by Quantum. With low participation, it is not likely for Bill to understand how the company and employees are able to benefit from the weekly beer bust. As the founder of the company, Stan and Erin may invite Bill to participate more in the company’s events and activities. By doing so, Bill will be able to understand the company’s culture better and adapt too effectively. 3. Support + Facilitation:

An employee may not be comfortable to change because they are not able to face to the problem. They are worried that the change may harm damaging effect to the organization. Bill believes very negative towards the beer bust as he is afraid that the employees’ attitude may become rowdy after alcohol consumption. Stan and Erin should have extra assurance of their employees’ performance and Bill on the other hand could have a lot of detailed observation. Misbehave of one employee may not likely determine the overall behavior of the employees.

4. Agreement and Negotiation:
One way to counter these...
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