Texual Analysis - the Prince of Tides

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“The Prince of Tides” is an article describing the unexpected yet astronomical rise of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan to stardom. The article, written by Piyush Roy, was first published in Stardust Icon in 2010. The article written is intended at readers of celebrity magazines. To be more specific, it was written with the fans of Saif Ali Khan in mind. The author of the article was keen to draw the attention of the reader and achieved this by pairing the text with a dashing picture of Saif Ali Khan. The attention of female readers, and in particular teenage subscribers of the magazine, is sure to be caught by the picture and will be drawn to further read the article. Furthermore, the text accomplishes in summarizing the up’s and down’s of Saif Ali Khan’s career. In the second paragraph, the author describes how Saif Ali Khan succeeded in identifying his shortcomings before fulfilling his potential as a “… dependable anchor for contemporary satire…”. The text also summarizes the roles Saif played in the past (lines 20, 21) which helps the reader gain further insight to the career of the actor. Lastly, the author ends his article by denouncing the prejudice that perfection is the key to success. The author meant to encourage readers of the text to always follow their ambitions and dreams, and never be discouraged by misfortune or disappointment. The message the author tries to bring across is celebrities and the general public have a great deal in common. “In the beginning of my career I was just having fun. Then I got married, had kids and settled.” (Lines 11, 12). Through this quote, the reader is able to relate to Saif, as him or herself has either undergone to process of growing up or is in the process itself. In addition to that, the author also conveys the message that learning is an on-going process, a process that continues beyond the classroom. “It took me a long time to learn… (line 13)” and “constantly experimenting, reinventing and breaking new ground...
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