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Towards a better and cleaner textile industry
[Textual Analysis] Written Assignment 4

This assignment is through an analysis of appeal forms, speech acts, move structures, text functions, text types and relevant rhetorical strategies going to determine the genre and purpose of the text ‘Towards a better and cleaner textile industry’, which was posted on Novozymes website on March 30, 2011. Appeal Forms

The text consists of a number of logical arguments that promote the use of enzymes in the textile industry, which means the dominating appeal form is logos. This is supported by the use of numbers (l. 1-3), scientific terms as polycarboxylates, enzymes and molecule and the reference to the special trial method; LCA (l. 18-23). This also strengthens the sender’s ethos in relation to phronesis. Additionally, both direct and indirect ethos appeal is used, when respectively stating that Novozymes’ solutions can reduce water and energy to a great extent and describing enzyme’s many advantages. At last, the mentioning of water as a scarce resource could indicate pathos appeal, but this is well hidden behind the logos appeal. The excessive use of ethos appeal gives an indication of the text being of a marketing kind. Speech Acts

The main part of the text consists of representatives as it contains e.g. statements of fact (l. 34-36), announcing (l. 1-3) and description (l. 27-30). This is also consistent with the dominating appeal form being logos. Moreover, a representative speech act as: “Enzymes can combine processes to save water usage”, could also be seen as an indirect directive speech act, as the purpose implicit is to make the receiver use enzymes. The text ends with a commissive speech act that promises all the mentioned advantages and also serves as a conclusion. The use of the commisive speech act supports the need for ethos appeal to make the sender seem credible. Move Structure

In relation to the general move structure categories, the text can be...
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