Texting While Driving Proposal

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Texting while Driving should be Illegal in all States
A Proposal to the People of the United States

Do you feel comfortable on the roads of your home town knowing that an accident is bound to happen, seeing that one person swerving from lane to lane while they are texting on their phone? The purpose of this research is to make texting while driving illegal in all states in order to put less people at risk of getting into an automobile accident. Texting while driving is an act of sending, writing out, reading or sending texts and emails, and similar usage with the web while operating a motorized vehicle. Texting while driving is seen as a dangerous act and has been out lawed or restricted in most states. This act is the most leading cause of dangerous car accidents and I personally believe that it should be outlawed in all 50 states. There are many articles, news reports, and laws passed on texting while operating a vehicle because of the danger associated with the act. Texting while driving causes numerous of problems such as: distraction from the road, a decrease of attention once he or she turns away from the road in responding to a text, and limiting physical ability because texting requires the use of one or both hands to reply to messages. Vehicle crashes are one of the causes of death for 15-20 year olds and about 6,000 deaths are caused by distracted drivers each year. Solving the problem of texting while driving will reduce the number of accidents. According to statistics about distracted driving, “the percentage of drivers visibly manipulating hand-held devices while driving was higher among females (0.7%) than among males (0.5%)” (NOPUS 2010) This growing trend is mostly among teenagers but all ages confess to surfing the web while driving. Teenagers often think that they are being careful when they are texting while driving behind the wheel with their friends in the car and that it wouldn’t happen to them and believe it is impossible...

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