Texting while driving

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Text messaging Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Isaiah Riche
Mrs. Granham
20 June, 2013
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Fatalities amongst teenage drivers rose over nine-teen percent in the United States in just six months. The primary reason for all the accidents is distractions, awareness, and ignorance. Banning texting, while driving in all countries is an enthusiastic idea. Distractions are all around us, such as; I pods, radios, T.V and phones. For some dreadful reason, America’s youth and elderly don’t seem to comprehend that multitasking while driving is hazardous. Studies show that students who take test and text are shown to lose at least thirty- percent on their test (Escbo). This proves that America is blind to examine that we are not great at doing two things at once. There is no contrast when driving because that person who is either driving or taking a test is only focused on one thing. There eleven teenage deaths a day every year (Escbo). Stopping this habit will be complex but it needs to be done for the safety of individuals. The American citizens need to be aware of the dangers and the risk they can be putting themselves and others endanger. In a study published, Virginia Tech University discovered that drivers are twenty- three times likely to get into accidents when distracted by devices (Escbo). Usually human beings that don’t want to be associated with danger would be more considerate for their actions. Car and Magazine in June concluded that texting while driving is just as bad as

drinking and driving (Escbo). This article is indeed true because when people are drunk or texting, their senses are impaired while driving. It’s vital that young adults and adults themselves pay more attention to the more important things such as your life. There is one characteristic that America will never cease to exist, that is ignorance. President Barack Obama signed an executive form stating that all federal employees are banned from texting on the...

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