Texting and Driving- Public Speaking

Topics: Automobile, Text messaging, Tram accident Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Public Speaking
Texting while driving should be banned in every country
For a responsible driver, it takes 0.54 seconds to break instantly. If you’re drunk, add 4 feet to that. If you’re reading an email, add 36 feet. If you’re texting, add 70 feet. Good afternoon Ms. Williams and class, due to common sense, you all know that texting while driving is hazardous. This is a major distraction from concentrating entirely on what’s happening on the road. Focusing on reading or composing a message compromises your reflexes. In addition, you might unwillingly harm yourself and others around you. Because of these reasons, texting while driving should be banned in every country.

It has been proven that those who text and drive at the same time are 23 times more likely to get in a car accident than those who are fully concentrated on the road. No matter which way you put it, if your eyes are not on the road at all times, you are distracted. Although most people believe drinking and driving is worse, a study released by Car and Driver magazine proves that texting while driving is more hazardous. In addition to this, the guilt brought upon the driver if they are the cause of an accident is unforgivable. This can be prevented if you pull over to the side of the road if you absolutely need to read or write a message. However, if texting while driving were illegal, these events wouldn’t be a concern.

Composing or reading a message compromises ones ability to react instantly in a risky situation. Expert Stephen Rampur has proven that if you are writing or reading a text message, your reaction time in case of emergency reduces by about 35% meaning you are only 65% aware of your surroundings. If an accident were to occur the person you are messaging would feel just as guilty as you will for putting someone’s life on the line. In addition, texting takes away the use of one hand, risking getting into an accident. Putting your phone on silent would prevent any distractions...
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