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New Message: U R Rude
Texting.(IF) It is the new age way of communicating. With this new way to communicate new problems have arisen. People are texting while talking to others or while others are talking to them. Which brings up the question is it wrong? While many people think that it is wrong they may find themselves doing it on occasion. It is very easy to just say it is wrong without even looking at the other side of the argument. Surely it is acceptable to text in some situations. well it is not acceptable to text while you are talking to someone else.

Let us compare a texting conversation to a real conversation. If one was trying to talk to someone but he or she was also talking to someone else, it would be impossible for that person to be completely engaged in both conversations. This is just like texting. How can a person be fully engaged in any conversation while they are having a texting conversation with someone else? Also one wouldn’t even be fully focused on the conversation one is having over text when one is talking to someone else. That is just being rude to two people at once. Not only is texting while in conversation with someone else rude it is rude in other scenarios too. It would be considered rude in a movie theater, during a play, or on a date especially if one is not the one paying for these things. Imagine that you have just invited someone to go to the movies and you decided to pay. How would you feel if the person you paid for is texting during the movie? That person is conveying that they aren’t enjoying the movie that you spent money on them to see.

Many people also use texting to act like they are better than other people. Most any teenager would say that when a situation gets “awkward” they will pull out there phone and either pretend to text or actually text. This can be found rude because when one pulls out there phone to avoid a certain situation, or to act like they have something better to do while a situation is...

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