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Rosa Chavez
December 3rd 2012
Dr. L. Bongiovanni

Texting Research paper

As technology advanced, text messaging was designed as a quick and quirky way to speak to one another without actually speaking. Text messaging has become very popular in recent years, especially amongst teenagers and young adults but the outcome of this advancement is not all positive. Although texting makes communication faster and easier there are many problems that derive from texting alone. Texting and driving, cheating on tests, negative effects on social interaction and even suicide are some of the major issues caused by texts. Texting has become something big and beyond our control that is destroying the lives of many teens and young adults. Over 5,000 teens are killed yearly because of texting; this is a huge rate in death for something as simple and convenient as a text. For many parents and teens texting can be a blessing and a curse. Most parents give their teens cellphones to be able to communicate easier with each other while at the same time giving them a little more freedom. However some teens do not like how connected they are with their parents with cellphones. At first parents seem to be thankful but over time will try to restrict how much time their child spends on their cellphone texting has become the preferred way to communicate with one another between many teenagers and their friends. It’s also becoming very common for children young and younger years of age to have cell phones and communicate with friends via texting instead of face-to-face conversation. A majority of teens ages 12-17, will text once a day, smaller percentages actually have phone conversations and even fewer have face-to-face conversations. In an article titled “Negative Aspects of Text Messaging” by Cesar Marquez, he comments about the advancement in saying, Technology has improved with the introduction of products like the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry...In June 2008 75 billion text messages were sent in the U.S compared with just 7.2 billion in June 2005.” Text messaging plans are the highest selling and most demanding of all the plans in every phone company across the nation. Sixty percent of all communication is done via texting. Many teens and young adults immediately feel lost and anxious if phone service were to be cut off or even if they are away from their phone for too long. Psychologist Dania Diaz said that “text messaging is dangerous, not only does it ruin social interaction between humans, writing skills and expression. Everything becomes so impersonal and simple.” When texting you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to say; feeling cannot be expressed over a text message. Anger can be confused for a joke and there is a miscommunication between parties. Psychologist Cecilia Holguin reports on the effects of texting on another person’s communications skills. “It does seem people are more comfortable text messaging rather than actually talking with another human…There is no awkwardness or vocal response involved when texting. Young people could virtually say anything through texts and don’t have to commit to engaging into the effects through a vocal conversation.” College engineer Darko Marquez admits that he text rather then talk on the phone, “The thing I like the most about texting is that unlike the phone where you have to sit and concentrate into a long, boring conversation with one person….With texting, you can be watching TV, surfing the web, playing videogames, and talking to as much people as you want all at once.” This proves how lazy we’ve become since the introduction of text messaging. We don’t even want to have a phone-to-phone conversation because we feel it’s inconvenient. One of the main problems with texting is how easy it is to communicate within a classroom of students. Communications professor Frank Perez says, “Texting is a frustrating part about college students nowadays. I rarely give a...

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