Textbooks Versus Technological Media

Topics: Computer, Education, Electronics Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: May 1, 2012
I asked myself whether I would have preferred being taught by means of a computer in school, or were textbooks the best option? I got a positive answer that reiterated to myself, the importance of textbooks. But have we asked this to the students of today? What would their answer be? They are seen to prefer computers. Some find it easier to read from the screen than from fat books. Some think that the machine makes the process of reading user-friendly. There are still some individuals, who dislike reading from computers and take to reading books. On the whole, there are mixed views on the topic and the ideas of both computer teaching and teaching from textbooks have their own share of fan following! Technology is the need of the day and is also very ubiquitous. It has proved beneficial in all spheres of life. Computers have revolutionized common man's life and have brought a dramatic change in the life of every human being. Plentiful information is available on the Internet that can be read by means of a computer. Hence one might not want to be deprived of this new world of information. The information is inclusive of all aspects of knowledge. It ranges from preliminary facts in science to philosophy of life. Almost everything that the books once carried is now accessible through a computer. Everything that the textbooks have is now just a click away! Textbooks have been an integral part of education since long. School years consisted of studying from prescribed textbooks and applying whatever is learned, to class tests and important exams. Then came the field one pursued as his/her profession. The years of specialization have always been drowned in textbooks and reference books. Once in a while, computer teaching supplemented textbooks. But today the picture has changed. We do not see books engulfing the educative years. Computer teaching plays a major role in the education of today. A lot many things are...
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