Textbook Materials and Interest among Young Learners

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|1. |To what extent is this statement true among learners in Malaysian reading classrooms? |2-4 | | |Do your learners experience a lack of interest in textbook materials? Why does this happen? | | |2 |Do you use authentic materials in your reading lessons? |5-6 | | |Why or why not? | | | |How effective are authentic materials in instilling interest among your learners and improving |6-7 | | |their level of proficiency in English? Explain and justify. | | |3 |To what extent do you agree with the statement above? Justify. |8 | | |Do you think the use of internet materials will promote interest in extensive reading among your | | | |learners? Why or why not? Discuss. |9 | | |What are TWO other ways you can use to promote extensive reading among your learners? Explain | | | |how they can promote extensive reading. | | | | |10 | |4 |Reference Materials |11 |


I strongly believe the determining factor whether the learners finds that their textbook material is interesting or not will surely depends on whether their reading experience is one which consists of pleasure or a tedious task. Text book reading material can be boring for the following reasons:

Information badly presented
Large masses of data perhaps together with a reading level that is too difficult for the learners would undoubtedly deter learners from reading. In the above situation learners would find it difficult to absorb the information and compounded with the lack of vocabulary to understand would drive the learners to seek other source of information. To promote learners' interest in the textbook, they must be able to understand the content of the text comfortably preferably with the help of animations, picture, photos, sounds and so on rather than a mass of words that gives the reader a cross eye.

Learners have no interest in the subject matter
It is a fact that everybody has different interest in life. If the topic does not appeal to the learners then this would cause reading to be an unpleasurable ones.

Textbooks which are old and outdated
Textbooks which has not been updated would cause a great deal of confusion as learners would be put off having learnt something that is incorrect. For example, the height of Mountain Kinabalu which was previously recorded in textbook as having 4,101km in height, however it was later discovered in fact that the height is 4,108km. This is a reason why learners prefers online informations.

Textbook that has all the answers to all the questions
A textbook with answers available to all the questions post printed in the same textbook will discourage the learners from reading the main text of a textbook because they could take the shorter way simply by reading the questions and answer in order to learn the gist of the topic. In fact this would encourage the learners to see learning as an accumulation of correct answers and thus promoting a negative attitude to reading from the textbook. Learners will lose their chance to be involved in problem-solving activities as the textbook has readied all the answers....
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