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Text Messaging

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging / Pages: 2 (369 words) / Published: Mar 6th, 2013
A Research Paper Presented to:
Mrs. Roxanne T. Bilbao
English II Professor

“Effects of Text Messaging on Student Literacy”

Submitted By:
Kristine M. Braganza
Arianne Loise Evangelista
Blazel Colleen Jalique

Tagum Doctors College Inc.
Mahogany St., Rabe Subd., Tagum City, Davao Del Norte 8100

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction A. Background of the study B. Statement of the Problem C. Scope & Delimitation D. Significance of the Study E. Definition of Terms
Chapter II: Review of Related Literature


Mobile or cellular phones are now becoming a modern day necessity to the point where these are a must have for every teens and adults. Every human being are growing each day attached to these so- called devices for means of communications with other people, jobs and other daily activities that are needed to be accomplished right away. One way that we are taking advantage of cell phone is the rapid usage rate of text messaging. Though we can tell just by observing that it is indeed a must to text or send an SMS or short message service to someone in a day, like for example your family whom you wanted to be aware of your whereabouts, but for some students especially in high school they tend to be so expressive in sending messages and spreads the everyday happening in their life.
As generations pass by we can observe how the teenager’s lifestyle is with these so called gadget which we call as mobile phone. Around us from any corner, you may see hundreds of young people carrying this gadget which we can suppose that they are being inseparable with it. But in most cases nowadays we can suppose that it is also one of the reasons why teens engage in social interaction where they can express their selves, which may affect their performance in school. What are the effects that text messaging has brought to our society especially in our students? That is one of the question that our group may explore in this paper, as we go along in this research. Surveys and interviews are to be conducted to go deeper on what our topic is about to tackle. A. Background of the Study

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