Text Gambling in the Philippines

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Text Gambling in Our Society Today

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Chapter 1

Text gambling is currently one of the biggest network problems in the Philippines. Due to the popularity of short messaging service (SMS) or text messaging in the country, broadcast stations and telecommunication companies have connived to endorse the now hugely popular text games. Here, the participants, also including television viewers or radio listeners, put their bet in the form of a text message for a chance to win. Although less pronounced as a form of gambling, text gambling is no different than

other number games like lottery, jai alai or jueteng.
Although not many seems to be bothered by the growing trend of it in the Philippines, the author of this paper chose this topic for definite reasons. First, it can happen to anyone with cellular phone, anytime, anywhere. Among the many texts the author might have received could have been one of the scams by some gambling companies. Sometimes, it might take place in the disguise of entertainment, for an example. It might even require of extra cost without notice, taking financial damages without one’s knowing.

To rename the statement above, this can even happen to the readers since at the latest news, over 12 million Filipinos have mobile phones. To prevent the readers from future possible damage, the readers must be aware of what’s all about Text gambling. Thus, through reading this paper, the readers will gain the knowledge of sign, effect, and further prevention of text gambling. Furthermore, the writer believes that the readers would also expand their awareness in protecting oneself from any possible danger.

Chapter 2

The writer aims to answer the following questions:
1. What is this and how does this happen? How is it different from normal gambling? 2. What are the major causes of this?
3. What are the damages and the main victims of this in the Philippines? 4. What do networks and authorities say about this?
5. How can this be prevented and avoided in the future?


Chapter 3

Definition and the process- Basically, Gambling is where one takes part in a game of chance, fuelled by desires for a significant prize at stake - which is actually the pooled resources of all players who are all interested in getting rich or richer quick. Gambling offers prize money, which is actually the pooled resource of all players. Now, Text Gambling happens when a cellular user sends a SMS (short messaging service), worth P10 each to text games company, to have a chance to win large prizes. This type of SMS is more expensive than the ordinary SMS, which is worth P1 each. One logical strategy often used by the people is to send as many text messages as their load can avail of to increase chances of winning. In gambling, when a single person wins, millions of other players lose. For every millionaire created by gambling, there are millions of other losers who are dragged deeper into poverty.

Causes- Mainly, the causes of this are: desire for money, marketing tool of mobile networks, poverty, patronization, sake of entertainment, and many more. But the biggest reason is poverty, which can be considered a very serious problem in the Philippines. Due to the desire and hope of escaping poverty, they gamble, although it doesn't resolve poverty, since it only triggers the inequitable division of wealth. It can be also caused by people’s usual responses to reward, perceptions of risk and et cetera that influences people to do so. At times, it may be due to loose guard against faulty texts that are actually a form of text gambling.

Chapter 3

Damages- The usual damages are: unemployment, increased debts, poor family relationships,...

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