Text Analysis: Brain Caswell's Deucalion

Topics: White people, Human, Black people Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The novel Deucalion by Brian Caswell is an interesting example of the science fiction genre. Caswell makes clever references to the past and present. He plays with language, uses stereotypes and the common experiences of the readers, to show alternative perspectives while encouraging the reader to reflect on life in their own time. Brian Caswell has used many insinuations to precedent occurrences to enhance his writing. Some of these mentions include allusions and allegory, icons and symbols from the past and historical happenings. These are used to allow the reader’s mind to relate and identify with happenings throughout the story, and contemplate and consider future predictions the author has made. There are strong suggestions of Australian history – the invasion of Europeans upon Indigenous Australians, beginning at the end of the 18th century – in Deucalion. From the many parallels that are evident, the main selections consist of the following: the placing of the Elokoi into reserves, just as the Europeans did two hundred years ago; the racist and condescending treatments experienced by the two native races; and their hunter and gatherer ways of life ceasing to almost non-existence because of the lack of animals (most were wiped out by the invaders, or ran away from the reserves or surrounding areas). The name ‘Deucalion’ originates from Greek mythology. According to the legend, Deucalion – the son of Prometheus – and his wife Pyrrha, built a giant ship, much like Noah’s Ark, and took refuge in it from the immense flood sent by Zeus. The duo then allegedly became the ancestors of the new human race. This seemingly relates to the novel Deucalion, as, similar to the planet Deucalion, the Deucalion from the myth is the saviour of the human race. The discovery of ‘Icarus’ – the illegal and highly classified project involving the mixing of Elokoi and human DNA – in the novel, again, is akin to Greek mythology. Daedalus, as the story goes, makes his escaping son:...
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