Texas Youth Commission- Youth in the Prison System

Topics: Criminology, Child abuse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 8 (2661 words) Published: May 22, 2014
TYC has a long history of mistreating and abusing the youth that they house in their facilities. The employees and providers who run the care of these juvenile prisons not only neglect the needs of the youth imprisoned there, but also take advantage of the fact that these kids have nowhere else to run too. There have been multiple cases involving TYC employees and TYC inmates that were never brought to light, because of lack of supervision given to the facilities by the Texas government. TYC supervisor Wanda Drew comments that the youth in these prisons “are criminals, and not children. They have survived in this world by learning how to manipulate and they use that to their advantage (Dallas Morning News, March 2, 2007).” This statement that Mrs. Drew makes is important, because it allows us to see the types of attitudes the people running these facilities have. To have someone such as Mrs. Drew running an area that is supposed to not only help in the benefit of making these kids learn from their mistakes, but also letting them know that there are consequences for these mistakes. By her stating that they are not children but only criminal’s shows that she has no concern in the approval of the positive behavior that is supposed to be learned from being housed in these facilities. TYC is a punishment for the youth but without receiving care from facility workers, TYC can’t expect positive outcomes from the inmates. A couple of questions that I am going to be addressing throughout this paper are why do these types of problems at youth penal and rehabilitation facilities exist, and why is there negligence and abuse of power among different levels of authority. Lack of resources and support doesn’t allow for good results from inmates, and in turn allows for guards and other facility workers to continue to mistreat and abuse those who misbehave. By Mrs. Drew labeling the youth sent to TYC as “criminals and not children” rehabilitates young people it to thinking that they are just “criminal’s ” and they tend to feel as if they have to coexist with the label that they are given. “Most don’t have criminal records because they are adjudicated as delinquent in a civil hearing and committed to TYC for open-ended periods. Their behavior determines when there are released (Dallas Morning News, March 2, 2007).” First I will review newspaper articles relating to current studies and research and use major concepts of theory to discuss these problems. Following this review, I will present the information I have found and analysis the data and conclude on why these types of problems exist in youth rehabilitation centers. The Dallas Morning News reported numerous articles regarding the incidents happening at TYC facilities. The incidents occurring were all reflected by major concept theories. The abuse that was caused from sexual, to mental, to emotional can all be analyzed by a specific theory of concept. Upon going into TYC the inmates are automatically labeled as deviant criminals by the system and society. A lot of the youth that is within facilities such as TYC come from low income or poverty. The labeling theory explains to us how the youth in TYC engage in deviant behavior because they are already seen as deviant before acting in deviant manners. Deviance for these inmates is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The self-identity and behavior of these individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. Constantly being called a “thug” or “criminal” may make someone behave in that manner. Instead of the behavior being broken or changed during the time these individuals serve, they are abused and not taught to behave in a better manner. TYC plays on the negative behavior that is being utilized by the inmates. These individuals are treated poorly so they react in deviant manners thus recreating the cycle that this facilities should be trying to break. If constantly being called a criminal is all you...
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