Texas State

Topics: Lyndon B. Johnson, Native Americans in the United States, San Marcos, Texas Pages: 1 (514 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Founded by Fred Cocke in the year 1899, ranked 21st in Texas and 651 overall is non-other than the university known today as Texas State. Texas State has many student programs, a great location as well as a history to go along with that. Located in San Marcos, Texas where when it’s summer its 80 degrees and when it’s winter its 50 degrees. Not only is the University located in San Marcos but so are the well-known San Marcos Outlets with 140 stores too choose from. That’s not even the best part; the outlets are located right across from the university. The outlets aren’t the only thing located by the university there are many restaurants including the famous Gumby’s pizza. You won’t even need a car to get around if you stay in the dorms or even if you live in one of the many apartment complexes located near the university. There are many ways to get acquainted or involved with the school with their student programs. With 31 Greek organizations and over 1,590 student members I’m pretty sure they have room for a lot more. If Greek isn’t your thing there are other student programs to join such as SACA or Student Association for Campus Activities. SACA is an organization that is the primary source for entertainment on campus such as setting up the river fest or a comedian show. If that doesn’t interest you then there are nearly 300 other organizations offered at the university. Or you can be the athletic type and play a sport. Here at Texas State they have all sports available from men’s golf too women’s basketball. Texas State annually works on the increasing diversity of the university. The university might not be as diverse now but they have a plan that works with the recruitment of Hispanics and African Americans so they’ll be a lot more diverse in no time. Like I said earlier Texas State was founded by Fred Cocke in 1899. Texas State started off with 303 students and has expanded as of 2011 to 34,114. As the years passed traditions were made and their mascot...
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