Texas: Low Tax, Low Service

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 Low-Tax, Low Service

The state of Texas low-tax, low-service approach to the

government is essential and has been for most of Texas's modern

political history.  The thought of "raising taxes" in many circles in

politics in Texas has been given the term political suicide, and has

been the main reason  whenever the state goes into one of its

periodic fiscal crises, public officials go on a frantic search for

users' fees driver's licenses, hunting licenses, motor vehicle

registrations, student services fees, and more that can be raised.  

The state of Texas has been predominately a Republican state in most

elections throughout history, the last time voting Democratic was

1976 for President Jimmy Carter, so the overall identity of Texas

has been to decrease all government involvement, unless Texas was

facing some humanitarian crisis for money and impetus comes from the

government.  I personally approved of most of the approaches the

state of Texas takes amongst its citizens but there are still areas

of needed improvement if Texas truly wants to limit all uses of the

United States government.

In the past year President Barack Obama has gotten the approval

of Obamacare throughout the house and senate allowing all Americans

the opportunity to received health care.  In the state of Texas our

Governor Rick Perry has been on the record of saying that he would do

everything in his power to stop Obamacare and that Texas could run

its own health care system, but the facts shows that Texas has not

been able to do so.  According to recent studies more than a quarter

of Texans lack health insurance, the highest rate in the nation,

and nearly a third of children did not receive an annual physical and

a teeth cleaning in 2007, placing Texas 40th in a state ranking by

the fund. Over the last decade, infant mortality rates have risen in

Texas while declining...

References: http://texaspolitics.laits.utexas.edu/10_2_1.html
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