Topics: United States, Texas, American Civil War Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Raquel Medina
In 1821 Texas was part of Mexico. The land was cheap and a lot of Americans settled into Texas. Mexico tried to stop them from heading into Texas. Mexican law was against slavery but Americans brought slaves to Texas. Many people living in Texas were Texans and Tejanos who wanted to break away from Mexico. Laws made by the Mexican president Santa Anna were not liked by the Texans and Tejanos. So the Texas decided to fight for their Independence.

In 1836 Santa Anna took an army to San Antonio to take a fort called The Alamo, less than 200 tejanos and Texans showed up most of them died in the battle. Texas declared its Independence and formed the republic of Texas. Sam Houston, lead their army into a surprise attack at San Antonio. They won and in the act captured Santa Anna. In order for Santa Anna gain his freedom he had to give Texas their Independence.

From annexation in 1845 to succession from the Union in 1861, early Texas statehood was marked by some issues. Texas came in as a slave state which enabled the south to maintain its political power. The new republic of Texas asked to be annexed to the United States as early as 1837. The governments’ president’s Jackson and van Boren took no action for two reasons. The annexation of Texas divided the northern and southern states and until the 1840’s Trans Mississippi expansion had extended southern society: Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi were all slave stated and Texas would be added to this group. A Texas convention voted to join the union on July 4, 1845. Polk and a congress favored annexation they got Texas as a Union State and set the boundaries of the new State at the Rio Grande. When Texas won its Independence in 1836 from Mexico to form its own country. The US then admitted Texas in 1845 despite much protest because Texas was a slave state. The result of all this led to the Mexican American Was. This also made the southern states have more...
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