Topics: Second language, Language, European Union Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Learning a second foreign language
As is known to all, with the increasingly tight communication in the whole world, English grudually becomes the general laguage in this communication. Many international files, documents and contracts are printed in English and especially it is becoming the first main language that global people wants to learn. In China, learning English unfolds a vigorous upsurge in students and it becomes a major class in various kinds of schools. Howerver, with the number of the English learners constantly increases, the markets for the English talents is gradually saturated. So learning a second language is becoming indispensable to us for facing the English saturation. On one hand, the the global economic integration makes many non-English nations become more stronger on their GDPs and ecomomies, and it can be asserted that they must need many talents which are specialized in their languages. Spain, for example, with the help of the European Community, is gurdually becoming one of the powerful nations on economy in Europe. Imagine that, in the communications or commercial cooperations between Spain and China, there must be a great need of the spanish translators or interpreters, using the spanish is more convenient and immediate to conduct those files, documents and contracts than using the English. So is to other nations, Italy, Holland, Mexico, German, belgium, Arab and so on. And On the other hand, learning foreign language is a good way to expand our thoughts, it can make our brain wiser. Learning Spanish, for example, it belongs to the Latin family of languages as well as the English. So if you’ve already learnt English for a long time, it’s easy to learn the Spanish. They have many similarities on both grammer and the words... Through the combination of the two languages, our brain can creat more memory cells. Because of this, the ability of the understanding to languages is correspondingly developed as well. So, for...
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