Tetra Pack Coconut Water

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Entrepreneurship Development (MKT 210)

An Assignment on Product, Product, Product : Generating New Idea of Business

Instructed by: Nigar Sultana,
Ass’t Professor,
Department of Marketing,
Jahangirnagar University.

Prepared by: MD.Shahriar Aman,
3rd batch,
2nd Year, 2nd Semester,
Faculty of Business Studies,
Department of Marketing,
Jahangirnagar University
Roll no: 1390

Submission Date:

Generating New Idea of Product
Generating new ideas of starting a business with a new product is a very big challenge for an entrepreneur. But this is very important to take it, because an successful entrepreneur is the person who can see the possible risks by his foresight; by his optimism they can do anything, by the help of his great organizing, hardworking power he can innovate any new product in the market. Now, as like an entrepreneur I want to do the same. I am undertaking to introduce a new product in the market, which is Tetra Pack Coconut Water. Though it’s a popular product in some countries like Thailand, Brazil, Australia and our neighbour country India but this is a very new idea of product in our country.

Coconut Water
Coconut is a very well known fruit in our country. We can find this everywhere. It’s a very effective one as well, because it’s a very popular and largely used medicine. It’s a fruit which mainly contains water in it’s inside. The water is very useful, effective and tasty aslo. It Contains; Water,

Vitamin A, C, E, & K etc.
These are the most important food contents which are very much useful and needed for our health. For this reason I want to avail it as a new idea. I think it will be a successful step.

Aspects of the...
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